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At The Tone

Our vintage telephones record voice messages for you to cherish for years as a unique alternative to handwritten guestbooks. 

IMPORTANTPlease note that currently this platform does not allow for us to manage when a telephone is available and when it is already booked. For now, please send us a message to inquire about the availability of a particular style. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an audio guestbook?

Audio guestbooks are, in our case, vintage telephones which you can rent for use at your wedding/event. Guests can pick up the telephone, hear a personalized greeting from you/the host, and leave their message At The Tone. Our phones hold up to 6 hours of voice messages (way more than a standard voicemail box!). These messages are then transferred to the computer, where they are delivered to you via email. From here, you can download the messages all at once or as you wish, and enjoy your guests emotions and wishes forever. 

How do we know if the telephone we like is available?

Please send us a message to confirm availability! You can submit a form through this website to indicate which style you prefer, or you can just email us directly with your event date and style preference and we can manually create the reservation. 

What is included in the $250 price?

The price shown includes the telephone system set-up and ALL of the messages left by your guests (up to 6 hours worth). Taxes not included. 

How does shipping work?

We ship the telephone directly to you (or drop it off if you are local). It will arrive at least 2 days prior to your event. The original packaging should be kept in good order. 

After the event, repackage your telephone, then drop it off at your post centre as soon as possible so it can make it's way back to us!

*Shipping rates are typically $30-40If you can, arrange a local pick up!*

Shipping is available out of province but will be charged accordingly.

How do we get the messages?

When we receive the telephone back, we will transfer your messages from the phone to our computer within 72 hours. The messages will be sent to you via email/Dropbox, where you can immediately download and start to enjoy your messages. 

We can also put your messages on a USB for you, if preferred!

What if we need the phone for longer than the standard rental period?

No problem! If you are eloping, for example, and will not be able to return the phone for an extended period, an additional $50 per day will be added to your rental agreement. 

Example: For a Saturday wedding, the phone will be shipped and arrive to you by Thursday. Your guests have a blast leaving messages for you at your reception on Saturday! Since most post centres are closed Sunday, you wait until Monday morning to pop the telephone into the mail. If you cannot drop it off on Monday, an additional day will be charged since this is time taken away from other customers.

If you need to leave sooner than Thursday for your wedding, the same concept applies. We can ship it to you sooner, but additional days will be added to your agreement. :) 

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