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Natasha & Bill

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Winter Wonderland Elopement in Kamloops, BC

On the 8th of January, I pulled on my snow boots, bundled up in three layers, and headed up Highland Road to beautiful Juniper Ridge. I parked at the entrance to the Kamloops Bike Ranch, and I was finishing up getting my ducks in a row when Natasha and Bill entered the parking lot doing donuts in their truck and grinning like crazy in-love teenagers.

The forecast was clear! No snow in sight... so we thought.

Nearing the end of the ceremony, the skies decided they were going to grace us with a snowfall. It was absolutely magical!

(Cold... I might not have felt my toes for two hours after I got home... but, magical.)

I could tell right away that Bill wasn't much for the camera, but we levelled with each other quickly that I was there to celebrate them and just have fun! When the sarcastic remarks started to surface, I knew I had him totally loosened up.

"Bill, you are a lucky guy!"
"Well... is she a lucky girl, or am I just a hobo?"

I am so incredibly blessed to be able to share in people's love stories this way. For a few hours, I get to stand witness to one of the happiest days of your life and honestly, they turn out to be some of the happiest of mine too!

Sharing in the love between two people like Natasha and Bill is worth a million frozen toes.

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