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Haylee & Darcy

Waterfall Elopement in Whitecroft, BC

For those of you wondering, Whitecroft is the small community nestled on the base of the mountain before the ascent into Sun Peaks Resort. If you're like me, you've driven through the village countless times on the way to and from the slopes, but you've never stopped and explored. Well, it's an absolute treat.

I pulled into the parking lot and reunited with Reverend Danielle, the lovely officiant of Life Force (look her up). It was a good sign that I wasn't in the wrong place, since I was surrounded by nothing but peaks and trees. One by one, the guests and groomsmen began to arrive and we all headed down a trail towards the ceremony location. As ceremony sites go, this one was fit to be a bombshell. Picture it: creek running, towering cedars, and a nearby booming waterfall. Yes. Please.

But wait, it gets better. Because when Darcy, the groom, is standing ready beside his best man, his wife-to-be peaks out around the corner in a freaking emerald-coloured gown. I swear, I almost shrieked in joy.

Fast forward through the sweetest vows, the first official kiss as Mr and Mrs McDougall, and friend and family photos, we venture further down the trail to that aforementioned booming waterfall. (We fast forward because these events are typically the same from wedding to wedding, right?! And we're all here to get the details on what made this elopement unique and special to Haylee and Darcy. ... At least I think that's why you're here, anyway.)

A few borderline trips over the rocky terrain, the wedding party and myself arrive at the falls. There's these massive boulders in the waters below, and I'm immediately thinking, "Oh ya, we are getting right on in there today." And so, we did.

Then, the best man says, "Hey, we should scale this scary embankment and get right up on that log in front of the waterfall."

And naturally, the groom says, "YES."

And then, not so naturally, the bride says, "Hold my shoes. I'm going, too."

Oh yes. This is what my dreams are made of.

All good things must come to an end. And so when we were happy with the material we'd covered, we headed back down the trail to the main road. One or two more portraits later--because I needed JUST A FEW more--the newlyweds headed off to their reception and I hurried back home to take a look at the magic we created.

And what a magical day it was.


Hair & Makeup: Renegade Beauty Co

Dress & Veil: Wattie Rd Bridal

Officiant: Danielle, Life Force Weddings

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