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Georgia & Jan

Lakeside in Lac La Hache, BC

This wedding was so special to me right from the moment we booked it.

Not only was it going to be held in the Cariboo, where I was born and raised, but it was also on the same weekend that I was turning 25!

No different than your average Tuesday morning, I started the day off with an oat latte and a snuggle with my two kitties. Dressed and ready to go, I grabbed my equipment, a second latte, and hit the road to Lac la Hache. Fast forward about 2.5 hours, I pull up to the most gorgeous farmhouse overlooking the lake.

The next few hours passed in a whirlwind of make-up and hair products. While the girls were getting ready, I snuck around to take some shots of the little details that go into making a wedding unique: the ceremony site, the reception area, the dresses, etc. Just down the road, the boys were getting ready at a family friends house. My jaw almost hit the ground when I pulled up and they were all dressed already!! Yes, you read that right...

Boys... ready... ahead of schedule. Super weird, but also super great for me!

A hop, skip, and a dirt road drive away--we were back at the ceremony site ready to watch Georgia and Jan tie the knot.

Now, when Georgia and I met before the wedding she told me it was important to her that I captured Jan's reaction when she was walking down the aisle. No problem, that's always on my priority list anyway! The problem was, I think she was expecting HIM to cry... but instead, she was the one that came down the aisle choked up and teary-eyed... and Jan was laughing! Still made for some great photos though (keep scrolling to see).

The ceremony was quick and gorgeous. Family photos flowed smoothly thanks to my pre-planned shot list. Bridal party photos were fuelled by cold beverages and the team mascot--an adorable, although distracting, border collie pup. We ran into a brief period of rain during the intimate portraits but thankfully it didn't stick around long! Dinner was a delicious feast of roasted pig and the greatest roasted spuds.

Speeches and first dances ensued shortly after. The highlight of the evening, however, was the garter toss. Georgia had told me ahead of time that she had something interesting planned for it... but I wasn't expecting to see Ian, the best man, plop down on a chair with both of his legs freshly shaved and Georgia's garter wrapped around his thigh. Georgia had blindfolded Jan and draped her dress over Ian's slick legs. Maybe it was the giggles from the crowd or the manly scent, but Jan definitely knew something funky was happening. These photos and some other favourites from the evening are posted below! Check 'em out!


Make-up: Hayley Dawn Artistry

Hair: The Edge Salon

Dress: Cande Bridal

Flowers: DIY (Costco!)

Band: Dave Coalmine

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